From the Shadows is a series of photographs emphasizing the contrast between light and dark and how they relate to one another. Focusing on the simple things in life that we may overlook or need to pay attention to the most; the sunlight through the trees, the shadows on the ground or the textures of a leaf.

Captured over a three year period, this series is a reflection of Rachael Short's life as she learned to live again after a car accident that left her a quadriplegic in 2010. In 2011 she had enough strength to hold an iPhone and her series From the Shadows began. Being a film/darkroom photographer the transition to the iPhone was a hard one, but her friend and fellow photographer Kim Weston suggested platinum printing her iPhone images and her return to photography began. The process includes turning her iPhone images into 6 in x 6 in digital negatives then contact printing from these negatives and making platinum prints. A unique blend of new and old techniques, merging digital technology with traditional processes.